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Packaging Sample-Gas Flushing

  • Keeping up of freshness
  • Keeping up of fragrance

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FAX : 82-31-508-9505



  • Extension of circulation period
  • Keeping up of freshness
  • Keeping up of fragrance

Electronic/Electrical goods Gas Flushing
Food Medical appliances
Clothes / others


1. Nitrogen flushing
  • Substitution for Oxygen
  • Prevention of Moisture
  • Protection of Goods from external shock
  • Packaging externally as same as vacuum Packaging by adjusting gas volume
  • Use : Confectionary & Grains
2. Nitrogen & Carbon dioxide flushing
  • Carbon dioxide for inhibitory action against germs
  • Use : Fishes & Meats
3. Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide & Oxygen flushing
  • Keeping up of Freshness & Nutrition by inhibitory action
  • against respiration & photosynthesis
  • Use : Vegetables & Fruits




SEMI-CONDUCTOR & WAFER Motorola, Crossmos Ltd. Seoul Semiconductor, Hynix Semiconductor, Comico, Venture town in Suwon University, Iljin Diamond and etc
IC & ELECTRONIC PARTS Terrasem, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung Electronics Co. in Gumi, LG Electronics, Samsung Techwin and etc
OPTICAL - related Sekonix, Nano Optics, Taeyoung Optics, Bangju Optics, Haeseong Optics, LT ULTRA and etc
GENERAL MACHINERY DF Tech, Cinos Engineering and etc
MOBILE PHONE - related Korea Alps, SI Telepac, Daeho MMI, Sina Tech, Samyoung Electronic Communications and etc.
RESEARCH EQUIPMENT Institute for Advanced Engineering, Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Byeongjeom Agricultural Technology Research Institute and etc
MEDICALS SAEROMPHARM, Greencross, Fresenius-kabi Greencross, Sang-a Medical, Tsumura, ID Biochem, Department of pathology of Seoul National University and etc
OTHERS Korea Shinetsu Silicon, Thai Shinetsu Silicon and etc. Ministry of National Defense, The Jungang Research


Dried fish and meat Donghae Geonomul, Deoksu Yootong, etc
Vegetables Singsingwon, Pulhananongwon, Wonhyeop, Myeongmun Catering, Seongdo Nongsan, Biosystech. Seolimfarm, etc
Grains Hyunmenara, Baegam Nonghyup, Cheongjeong Migokcheorijang, Naju Agricultural Technology Center, ATC company, etc
Fish and meat Songdo Susan, Gil Susan, Daeseon Mulsan, Mokpo Suhyup, Leecadena, etc
Nuts Hanbando Foods, Nakaoka Foods, etc
Hot goods Hanjung Nongsan, Midang Namwongol Chuotang, etc
OTHERS Bamsong Foods, Mokpo Suhyup, Damyang Bamboo Nara, Petworld, Kyunghee University, etc


• Selection Procedure of AIRZERO vacuum packaging machines model
You can select a AZ-Series model most suitable for your working environment by referring to the below procedure.



. Single heat wire
D Double heat wire
• However, if sealing length of 800mm is combined with double heat wire, sealing width is possible only to be 5mm
. Desktop
S Stand attached
L Oilless pump
H Oil pump
E Ejector pump
• Refer to VACUUM PUMP
Sealing Length Standard Vertical
450 O X
600 O O
800 O O
1100 X O
• means it is impossible to adopt
V Vertical
A Angle controlled
H Height controlled

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